Deus Ex Machina


Before you step into the ring

Praise your coaches

For Mentoring

Praise your fans

Can you hear them screaming?

But most of all

Praise your mind

True strength Conditioning

no time for ego tripping

your soul stripping

you love this game

your vision twenty twenty

as far as you can see

your passion is plenty

have you burning in flames

all for your name

in the great hall of fame

easy tiger

that fiery that fire

I see you

chasing dreams heavy

get ready

fuel your brain


your game

just know your range


the time has come

bless your opponent

wait for it …

nah, make a go for it


jab jab right hook

war game

represent your last name

wildly untamed


jab after jab

but it’s not from your hand

feint after feint

damned be this dance

round after round

next thing you know

your taken down

to the lowest degree


strike after strike

blow after blow

bloods clouding your vision


wait, don’t tap out

when you look up

all you can see are the shiny lights

surrounding the referee

son of the morning

son you've been mourning

don't settle

it’s your destiny

your vision is blurry

meditation by tranquilization

your breathe is sparse

the crowd goes mute

keep your head high

you get up

don’t fuck up

saved by the bell

one minute to go


when darkness comes to light

you ignite

you shine

you fight

okay come on

give them what you got



tko by uppercut

hard to swallow

Everyone's chanting


glorious victory

respect your pride

and you will see

the sweetest revenge

tastes so lovely

Deus Ex Machina




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Photos shot by @tonysed_

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Mr. Sensi by Eli Mac

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Author: mikhailachristian

I believe that if you desire to achieve optimum health and co-create a sustainable planet, then living a conscious lifestyle is a must.

2 thoughts

  1. I am in love with your blog.

    The eloquence with which you move your body, and express your innerverse through writing, especially in connection with one another, is something truly special.

    While you are without a doubt one of the most beautiful women to have ever graced this planet with her presence, it is your mind and soul, shared through the poetry of your words, that is most captivating and deeply appreciated.

    Thank you for so boldy illuminating this world with your light Mikhaila.

    May your love for yourself, life, our Earth and your fellow humankind grow deeper with each passion season.

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