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The islands have me on lock, but Cali is my home. Always. So I made some time before the new year to visit a dear friend in San Fran, land of the free. Christmas Day I spent with loved ones at Sandy’s beach, watching body boarders under the gnarliest waves. The very next day I was on a mission. San Fran here I come. Upon arrival,  I walk off the plane and I feel my body go into a state of instant  shock. Baby it’s cold outside.

Nonetheless, I feel welcomed as the crisp air caresses me as I wait for my ride.  She is covered in a pale silver coat. White interior. 65 Chevy Malibu is the oldschool of choice. San Fran style.


First we head to my friends house in Santa Cruz and spent the night playing reggae records under the stars, while engaging in a Japanese tea ceremony and game plan for the remainder of my trip. Needless to say,  Mary was present. She also goes by Ganja. I’m a young spirit with an old soul, so I really enjoyed just vibing and adventuring with friends. The only thing we keep throughout life is our memories. We can take them anywhere with us, so make sure to make many of them!





The teahouses were so unique and engaging. I experienced the proper way to engage in the tea culture. It’s all about vibes and serving others. The constant movement is a meditation like flow, and there’s so much science to it. I’ll be sure to use my set on the daily.


Boy did we eat, and to be honest, I was having so much fun that I didn’t get to take many photos to share until after the fact. So here’s some leftovers of vegan sushi from Cha-Ya. If your in town, go there!



Of course went to visit this crystal shop in the Haight and Ashbury District. I really wanted some denim bell bottoms, but it was too late to look by the time we arrived. But I digress. So we walk into this spiritual emporium. From the outside you would never know the bliss and energy that was so amazing, hidden behind a door and a curtain. Everything is set up flea market style. You collect a box and put all of your sacred rocks and gems in there. If there was one place to get gifts this was it. Being a very spiritual person, I hold these stones dear to my heart. Raising your vibrations through science is just such a blessing in itself.



Being born and raised in La, I spent a good portion of my childhood in East LA. I was immersed in the Mexican culture of murals, oldschools, food and music. With that being said, we stayed at my friends condo in Mission, which is one of the Latino neighborhoods of San Fransisco. I felt at home. There were so many murals and little latin liquor stores sprinkled around.

We came across this art piece and my friends explained that the area was going through gentrification, and that the Latinos were definitely opposed to the idea.


Okay so how can I not talk about the shopping, right? I didn’t do as much shopping as I thought I would, which is a good thing. But, I did buy lots of special herbs and superfoods. So typical of me to do, even when I travel. Because of the time of the year, everyone was bundled up, with layers upon layers. It almost had a Detroit Michigan feel to it. I myself had thermal under sweat pants with a light sweater under another sweater complete with a scarf and a hat or beanie. Chucks included. Pretty simple. I didn’t get to see too many people that were super styling, but I saw some epic shopping buildings. This time of the year, they leave the Christmas decor up until New Years, so we go to cruise the city at night. I must say it was pretty beautiful.

Here’s the San Fransisco Golden Gate Bridge. She’s a beauty.



Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

So all in all, I learned that if you ever have a chance to travel, take it. It is an opportunity to gain insight into a new culture, connect with others and develop an appreciation for life. I loved my trip, although it was short lived, it will last long in my mind, heart and soul. I’ll never forget cruising around in a 65 oldschool, all the tea ceremonies I attended, the spiritual  rocks I bought, the reggae music I heard, and the conversations I had. I hope you enjoyed this blog as much as I enjoyed the journey!

Much love and Aloha,

Mikhaila Christian

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