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If nothing is more precious to a working person, or my fellow entrepreneurs, I believe it’s our free time. Our moments of pleasure are spent on what we love doing most. And in a sense, it may very well just be to just relax. I used to work through the weekend and never take a break for myself, for many years. I now know that taking one day a week to rest your mind and ease your soul keeps you sane. My Sundays are filled with bliss and love.

This most recent Sunday I chose to cruise with ease. I woke up and it just felt like a day of serene paradise. I dressed in white from head to toe. It felt good to honor myself for a hard weeks work. I started with a trip to Barnes and Noble as they were having their last day of an extra 30% off of one item, in which I am a sucker for those deals, being an avid reader. My book of choice was the new release and sequel, Humans of New York ‘Stories’ by Brandon Stanton.  Awe to new beginnings. Somewhere in all of us enjoys a great story, a tale if you will. It fills our souls with a connection in some sort, as to which we can be inspired and aroused  into creating a twist within our own journeys. I love it.


Next up, I needed to grab ingredients from my local Indian Market to prepare traditional Dahl the following day. My friend lived in India for four years, and brought back a tantalizing recipe that her maid used to make her each week. Blessings to this recipe that was passed down through generations, as it’s full of protein and flavor and very warming for this oncoming chilly weather. India Mart is a local gem in the heart of town. As you walk in, the smell of spices rushes your senses, and in that moment your exploring another culture so vividly without ever leaving Hawaii. And if your lucky, you’ll catch them when they have fresh veggie samosas. But not today.

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I was supposed to go home and meal prep, but my dearest friend Gina called me over for tea. Although I love being in my kitchen, some tea with my girl on the patio under the rainfall sounded really soothing. We meet up often, almost like Albert Einstein and his friends in their small Olympia Academy. Only that Einstein and his friends would discuss physiques and philosophy. We opt for the latter, getting into deep discussions about feminism, community, relationships and the like. She is developing a banking app that will surely change the world as it has a built in budgeting system that correlates with businesses. It’s genius. I ask her what she thinks about my schedule, and how she feels I can balance the random episodes that are occurring in my life. She asks me what I think about the tech school she is moving to attend in San Fransisco next week. Silicone Valley. We debate and agree over 6 cups of chai, green and spiced tea.




She snaps a few photos of me upon arrival, in which I snap a few more selfies as well as capture our surroundings  and then we share books and thoughts. Does anyone else do this anymore? Photos and selfies yes I am aware thats the norm in our society.

I meant does anyone meet up for tea and discussions?

Or is that just what students do when forced to partner up for school projects? I mean, do we connect anymore other than through social media?  It feels good to see my friend, hear her thoughts, watch her reactions as I speak, and embrace for the coming and going of our meetings. The comforting cup of tea, the aroma exciting our senses.

And then, the big question pops up.

Do you believe life is pre destined or free will? 

My thoughts are that the universe knows what we need and gives us what we are able to handle. Although you may feel like the world is caving in on you at any given moment, you’ll see that somehow you find a way to resolve and move on in life. It is never the end of the world. At least not yet.

And so my answer is both. I feel like with all the twists and turns that I have taken in my 29 years of living, I am always surprised that I made it this far. I look at my life and think “wow, I would have never thought that I would be here in this moment, living in Hawaii, working on …” I mean I did what was necessary to move up in life, and I planned my life to a certain extent. The obstacles thrown at me were not planned, and I am sure if your reading this your probably thinking the same. So, we cannot let what was pre destined for us determine our entire path. We can plan accordingly and make decisions based off where we are now and where we want to be. Bless that path. It’s your unique path. I know there is a lot in store for you, but as much as you may love to work, you also need time to recharge and check in with self. Take some time each day to have some tea and journal. Make sure to meditate daily. Just be. This post wasn’t meant for anything more than to inspire you to do nothing. Thats part of your free will. I hope during this holiday season and upcoming new year, you realize your potential. Also, make time to connect or reconnect with others, rather then finding happiness in gifts. The most beautiful gift is when you give love. Aloha.


Mikhaila xo

Recommended Readings :

Humans of New York ‘Stories’ by Brandon Stanton

Intimacy by Osho

The idiots guide to Zen Living

Mantra: What is my path to happiness ? 

“Most of us start to reply before we have even heard the end of the question. We are well trained to have warp-speed answers; not knowing is not really valued. So I like to plant the mantra as a question. It takes the pressure off needing to know the answer right this minute and leaves more room for exploration. The most important things you can do will rise to the surface in time. This is your life—you only get one. You have to be clear about how you want to spend it.” —Tam Terry, Hoboken, New Jersey; yoga instructor at Devotion Yoga, Hoboken, New Jersey


*Currently listening to Kali Uchis


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