Life Is But A Dream …


So today I was thinking no matter what you do or where you go , you will always have nostalgia with the places that gain a significance in your heart and soul.

Sometimes , I feel like a Soul Rebel: A kid that does what they want, when they want, however they want and doesn’t hold back. Kids are fearless. What gives them this sense of empowerment? I don’t think innocence is it. I think they haven’t been jaded by the world or society yet .

Don’t we all want to be social ? Social media kills it. I will share my wildest dream. To be free from society and serve society. You don’t visit a third world country and come back the same. You think wow, what can I do to help those people? People need each other. It’s like when your grandmother dies from a heart attack and then shortly after your grandpa suddenly dies too. He needed her.

“The corn stalks support the bean plants as it grows.

So I guess where I’m getting at is that Maui is my corn stalk and I’m growing. I’m still this little kid at heart who demands to do what I want. I want to live on an island and why not ? I belong on one. Nostalgia … Beach life is my life! It’s my wildest dream to live where I can be out and about in a bikini, daily hiking through waterfalls and rain forests. Eating the freshest, cleanest fruit fresh picked. Wow !!! Surfing every day for my morning exercise. Breathing the purest air with a nice breeze as I lay across the hammock on my patio. I mean why not ?

My view from Paradise June 2012
My view from Paradise June 2012
White Out Wipe Out ... Maui Baby
White Out Wipe Out … Maui Baby
My Teammate (on the right) and I From Team in Training June 2012 supporting a cause for Cancer, Maui Hawaii

I hope you know what you want out of life or what direction your going in and it’s never to late to find out. If you love it then love it and show it and feel it. Vibe your vibe because only you can. It becomes a lose your ego and pride as you become selfless and giving type of feeling.

I mean I want to be free. If there ever was an era I belong in I would say the 70’s. I didn’t quite make it but I suppose the 2010’s will do. You can choose your lifestyle just like you can choose to be happy or angry. You choose. You choose every single detail while others can not choose to get up and walk. They can not choose if they will be able to eat or find somewhere to sleep. Back to the 70’s chitter chatter … It was the lover era. I know it’s wild but I’m such a lover and you should be too. Just send love and if your not feeling it smile. People will talk but you will be happy and content.

So you can choose what you want and go and get it. No one can stop you so remember what your here for. Knock it out and move onto the next .

Muah xoxo,


Author: mikhailachristian

I believe that if you desire to achieve optimum health and co-create a sustainable planet, then living a conscious lifestyle is a must.

3 thoughts

  1. Hey Mikhaila,

    It’s amazing when someone can write something that seems to sum up your own feelings on life, love and passion for Hawaii and the nature/beach life. I’ve lived here for 10 years and I’m still as in love with it as when I first moved here. Sometimes I feel like I was born in the wrong generation or maybe even the wrong society since my passion lies with surfing, nature, writing and playing music, and not very much with making money or building up my own ego to show off for others. I’m so humble to live in such a beautiful place where I can swim year round, walk outside without a shirt on and day of the week and breath what some have called the cleanest air in the world. I’m happy for you and hope that many adventures await you in this wonderful place.


    1. Hey Gabe thanks so much for this ! You are so right … People take the simple things for granted and then when they lose those things they all of. Sudden appreciate ! Anyways I’m excited to join you on the islands !

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