Mikhaila Christian

Welcome to it …

Mikhaila Christian.

I finally figured out that life really is short as they say, so I plan to go at it full speed pedal to the metal. No exceptions. No excuses. Take me as I am …

I am woman of intense passion for life and its amazing creations! I am determined to make a difference in this world whenever possible. I aspire to inspire great audiences through media and eventually host a television show in regards to food and travel (starting through this Vlog).

After graduating from UCLA Film School in 2007 at 19 years of age I went off and got lost in the world. Seriously . Lost.  Frank Ocean "Lost."

I returned from there. Evolved. Fell in love with life. Realized my calling was to love something more than someone. I've become certified in Pilates Instruction, certified in plant based nutrition, specializing in Raw Vegan Gourmet Culinary creations, as well as a certified health coach. To one up my education, I will be attending college once more this upcoming January to receive my masters in health coaching with a focus on nutrition. That is not all, I am also working in my video and photography agency that will be launching very soon!

I promise to bring you …



Photo by Brad A. Kinnan

These are the things I consider beautiful. I am an open-minded Entrepreneur wearing my heart on my sleeve. I have fallen many times. I have been there. I am that young kid … old soul … eternal teenager.

LA roots, Las Vegas depths and Hawaii existing. Follow me now through my adventures and reap the benefits of my mind. Mind rape me. Go ahead. You will become addicted though. Just a warning.

Author: mikhailachristian

I believe that if you desire to achieve optimum health and co-create a sustainable planet, then living a conscious lifestyle is a must.

5 thoughts

  1. Sooo much respect and ive seen you evolve through these years ive known you. Keep it up stay strong and keep motivating others to do the same. Be free.

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